CSA Sign-Up Day Is February 24th!

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Thinking about signing up for a CSA share this coming CSA Day on February 24th? Bounty from the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook is your how-to manual, whether you get a CSA box, shop at a farmers market, or grow your own. With over 90 fruits, vegetables, and herbs covered in over 360 delicious, easy recipes, Bounty from the Box bridges the gap between farmers and eaters! For a limited time only to celebrate CSA Day, get 15% off our book when you order here using the promo code CSADay15.
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Organizations Investing in Food as Medicine

It was Hippocrates who long ago declared, “Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine.” Today, the idea of food as medicine is the foundation of health initiatives being developed collaboratively by hospitals, health organizations, local health departments, food banks, and farms across the country.  Read More

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CSA Day and Small Farm Central

In 2015, Small Farm Central released the 2014 CSA Farming Annual Report, which gathered data from more than 250 CSA farmers and almost 53,000 memberships. Among other interesting facts, the report showed that the most popular day for CSA Signups in 2014 was Friday February 28. So in 2015, the first National CSA Signup Day was held on Saturday February 28. CSA farmers offered special CSA Signup Day discounts and promotions and enjoyed an influx of signups from members wanting to support local agriculture. This year, CSA Day is about more than getting lots of CSA signups; it’s a whole day dedicated to the celebration of community-supported agriculture. Learn more ›

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