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CSA season is here. Now you're getting those boxes and seeing those luscious veggies at your local farmers market. But are you hesitating because you're just not sure what to do with all that delicious food? Bounty from the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook makes this so much easier, with over 90 fruits, vegetables, and herbs covered in 360 tasty, easy recipes. You'll never run out of ideas to enjoy your CSA box again!

Bounty from the Box bridges the gap between farmers and eaters! Get free sample chapters here.

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Latest Blog Post

Fresh Sardines for Grilling

Late-Summer Reflections from Helsing Junction Farm

This week’s lovely blog post comes from Helsing Junction Farm, south of Seattle, which is mentioned in my book, Bounty from the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook. This summer, its staff has had to cope with smoky haze from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia forest fires day after day. It also reflects on the many ways (which are not always apparent to CSA members or farmers market customers) that their farm reduces the amount of food waste it generates. 

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Featured Recipe

Seedsavers Cherry Tomatoes

Raw Corn Salad with Apples and Jicama

We don’t often think of eating corn raw but—especially in the height of summer when quality is high and quantity abounds—it can be a sublimely sweet, crisp, juicy treat. This salad abounds with crunchy textures, contrasting flavors, and wonderful color. Read More

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