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Fresh Sardines for Grilling

The Glories of Green Garlic

You may be seeing some rather wildly curved stalks with whippy things on the ends at your local farmers markets. And if you see these alien-looking things but haven’t had the courage to try them before—well, it’s an acquaintance worth making, and you may just become hooked for life. These are garlic scapes (sometimes labeled green garlic or garlic whistles), and they're absolutely delicious, more subtle than the pungent in-your-face-punch of regular bulb garlic but still distinctly garlicky in an unmistakable hullo-dahlin’-I’m-right-here sort of way.

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Featured Recipe

Seedsavers Cherry Tomatoes

Spinach, Nuts, and Cheese with Green Garlic

Time to enjoy green garlic while it's here for only a couple weeks. Don’t let the plain-sounding title of this recipe give you the wrong idea. This is a great savory dish—after all, with bacon, cheese, walnuts, and green garlic, and spinach, how much more umami goodness could you want? You can also add hot chiles for added pizzazz.  Read More

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