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We know how crazy your life can get during high farm season. We offer a special electronic PDF file version of Bounty from the Box just for farmers, from which you can copy and paste all of the crop info and over 200 recipes for your CSA newsletters, blogs, and social media for a one-time $35.00 fee for unlimited usage.

The PDF contains comprehensive info on nutrition, history, selection, storage, cooking techniques, freezing, and serving suggestions on over 90 fruits, vegetables, and herbs, plus over 200 recipes to choose from (you can download sample crop chapters here (see the sidebar on the lower right corner). The PDF can save you valuable research time and aggravation when you’re scrambling to put your CSA newsletters, marketing materials, and blog posts together at the last minute.

If you purchase the PDF, we will also list your farm on our CSA Farm Directory for no extra charge, as well as promote you on our social media and website. We also offer wholesale discounts on print books (including 40% wholesale discounts if you want to purchase print books to sell at your farm stand) and 15% discount promo codes for your CSA members who order directly from our website. Mi Ae is also available for writing guest blog posts or offering recipe ideas.

Due to potential electronic piracy issues and its large file size, the PDF is not available for download directly from this website. Please contact Mi Ae and she will send you further details on payment, terms and conditions of using the PDF, and other ordering information. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!

Request a Digital Copy (PDF)

Request a PDF Copy
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