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Bounty from the Box makes a terrific cookbook for any level of home cook, from novice to experienced, and it was specifically written with CSA (community-supported agriculture) subscribers and farmers market shoppers in mind. Our recipes are easy, delicious, and accessible for folks with a wide variety of tastes and diets. We currently offer 2 different products:

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Bounty from the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook [Print]

By Mi Ae Lipe

A 712-page print book that features over 90 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs offered by CSA farms throughout the country, offering reliable storage, preparation, and cooking advice for each crop, as well as over 350 delicious recipes. Buy your copy today!

Price: $35.00/USD
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It’s in the Bag—or Not! Storage Guide [PDF Download]

By Mi Ae Lipe

An electronic PDF file called It’s in the Bag—or Not!that contains selection, storage, and trimming/cleaning info on over 90 crops. Many CSA members and home cooks waste valuable food and money because they don’t know how to store and prep their fresh produce properly, and this attractive, full-color guide addresses these issues.

Price: $7.99/USD
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