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In Memoriam: Katherine Deumling and Deborah DeBord

In this post, we honor two remarkable women who shaped the world of food around them: Portland-based cooking teacher and Slow Food USA leader Katherine Deumling, and Deborah DeBord, a visually impaired home cook and CSA advocate who wrote for this blog in 2019–2020.

2021 Inspiring Tips for Eating Healthier with Your CSA Box

We’re looking forward to 2021 with these tips for eating healthier with a CSA box from your local farm with a tumultuous year behind us. As with so much of our daily lives, the coronavirus pandemic has given new meaning to eating healthier.

2016: What a Year for Bounty from the Box—and Welcome to 2017!

Happy New Year! In the waning days of 2016, I was reflecting on the past year and its highs and lows, events and happenings, and blessings and turbulences. It was also a simply amazing debut year for Bounty from the Box! Because of the nearly 400 farms and related organizations mentioned in the book, BFTB had […]

Our First-Ever Contest Giveaway!

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, it’s time to embark on something new—our first contest giveaways! What the Contest Is: Every week from mid-November through mid-December, we’ll be running week-long contest to give away adorable jewelry by a Washington State friend whose business is Beads by Q. These are one-of-a-kind beaded pieces, either bracelets, earrings, or […]

A Book By Its Cover: The Art of Mary Woodin

Thanks to a most pleasing set of circumstances, I recently found myself staying in a tiny English village called Little Chesterford, not far from the venerable Cambridge and about an hour north of London. My extended time there allowed for a bit of spontaneous travel, and last week I went to visit Mary Woodin at […]

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