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Relating to local farms and farmers who raise small-scale, often organic, fruits, vegetables, and herbs for community supported agriculture (CSA) shares and for wholesale

Retirement of a Generation: A Farmer’s Guest Blog

In case you haven’t paid close attention to the farmers selling to you at your local farmer’s market or your CSA pickup, read about it in The New York Times, or seen the video on the Modern Farmer website, there’s a troublesome generation gap specific to farming—the average age of American farmers has been steadily rising […]

An Inconvenient Truth: Immigrant Farmworkers

This is one of nearly a hundred essays from my cookbook, Bounty from the Box, that shed light on the many issues in our food landscape. — Mi Ae _______________ It’s a cold, hard fact that much of America’s agricultural prosperity and food systems are built—literally—on the backs of immigrant workers. Some are legal, and […]

Connect with a Farmer: Take a Farm Tour

dOne reason that families join CSAs is to have a connection with the farmer who grows their food, and the farm where it comes from. How they connect with that farm varies a lot, and it may or may not include on-farm pickup of CSA shares, volunteer workdays, member potlucks, canning parties, or other events. […]

Adapting to Drought

By now, you’ve probably seen the stories about drought in California—four years and counting, its prospect of power brownouts this summer, and “water wars” in which almond and walnut growers are blamed for drilling deep wells that leave nearby residents without water. If drought conditions continue and simultaneously worsen in other states, such as Arizona, […]

Terra Firma: A new film about women soldiers healing as they farm

Terra Firma, a new film by Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson isn’t about wounded soldiers. It’s a story about healing and how three women turned to farming upon their return from the front lines. Since 2001 over 280,000 women have been sent to the Middle East.  Often traumatized by their experiences, many return home with […]

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