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Relating to how to grow a home garden, school garden, or community garden; includes gardening tips, resources, seeds, and plants

Worried about Enough Fresh Food? Grow Your Own!

In the past decade, it seemed that many Americans were enjoying a love affair with farms and the idyllic image of small farms—think farmers markets, farm-to-table restaurants, CSA farms, school garden programs, and farm-stay vacations. Bounty From the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook and many blog posts on this website have profiled many small family […]

Growing Nourishment in Lovely Ways

This has been a year of travel for me. Some of it has been to places exotic and exciting like New York, Paris, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, but also to others not so well-known but still wonderful and beautiful—like the American Midwest and the delightful college town of Eugene, Oregon. Everywhere […]

Boston’s Fenway Victory Gardens, 75 Years Old and Still Growing Strong

Victory gardens? Does anyone remember them or know what they are? An updated version of the Victory Garden, television’s longest-running gardening show, is still airing on PBS these days, but the origin of the term dates back to the First World War. Victory Gardens, also called War Gardens, first appeared in America during World War […]

6 Useful Tips for Growing Oyster Mushrooms at Home – Guest Post

how to grow your own delicious mushrooms at home—a surprisingly easy project that yields huge quantities of a tasty food

Getting to Know Your Food as a Gardener and Forager

Depending on where you live, winter snows may still be piled high, or perhaps it is unseasonably warm outside. Regardless, spring feels like it could be just around the corner, psychologically at least. And perhaps you’ve been plying seed catalogs and ordering packets and transplants. If you’re a farmer, that means one thing—a season of […]

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