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Relating to the seasons and how they affect food availability and quality, growing conditions for community supported agriculture (CSA) farmers, locality; also covers seasonal traditions and food rituals celebrated in the spring, summer, winter, and fall

Giving Differently This Holiday

As the countdown of shopping days begins and many of us start to plan holiday meal menus, it’s easy to get caught up in the search for perfect gifts and just the right recipes. I don’t do a lot of holiday gift giving or entertaining, but a column I read on Thanksgiving Day by Ruben […]

Seasonality: A True Definition

This guest post is by Jack Hedin, farmer and owner of Featherstone Farm, one of the largest CSA farms in southeastern Minnesota. The farm produces around 70 varieties of fresh market fruits and vegetables for distribution to natural food stores, wholesalers, and CSA members throughout the region and offers shares year-round to subscribers across the Twin Cities […]

8 Great Gifts for Good Eating

Whether you’ve already begun your holiday shopping and have it under control, or haven’t even begun to think about the whole gift thing yet, one thing is certain—food is almost always bound to be popular. But consider alternatives to the usual high-calorie sweets and gift baskets of highly processed foods. Indeed, with New Year’s resolutions right […]

5 Ways To Be Merry and Stress-Free While Preparing Christmas Dinner

This lovely guest post comes to us from Katherine Tuggle, a very talented food blogger whose website is Minimalist Meal, a great resource for all sorts of culinary knowledge, from brining chicken breasts to how long cream cheese lasts. Visit her blog to find out more cooking tips, and enjoy her advice here on how […]

Celebrating Thanksgiving in the Land of the Shoo-fly

I was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and no, I’m not Amish. I trace my lineage through these rolling hills across ten generations. To say this place is in my blood is an understatement. However when I was a younger man, the weight of all that history felt like it was too much to bear […]

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