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Relating to travel, different places, and regional interest and areas; also covers distinctly local flavors, food traditions, and cuisines

Postcards from the Road: Dinner with the Author in Minnesota

Yesterday afternoon, my trusty Subaru Nelly and I finally rolled back into Seattle, fresh from a trip of 23 days and 7,000 miles around the country that took me to 13 states. Among the highlights were a traffic safety conference in southern California (I have another life as a citizen advocate on this topic); a most […]

Chiles to Wool: The Santa Fe Farmers Market

What food lover doesn’t love a good farmers market, indoors or outside, no matter the time of year? In that spirit of anticipation I visited the year-round Santa Fe Farmers Market, now in its 43rd year, while spending a week in Santa Fe in June. Tasting, of course, is a fun part of the market […]

Favas and Figs in San Francisco

In my childhood years in the San Francisco Bay Area in the ‘70s and ‘80s, my parents and I would drive by a little farm stand near our house almost every day. In the summer, it would be practically overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables—and cars kicking up dust getting in and out of the […]

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