Crop: Asparagus

Nutty Asparagus and Garlic Scapes for Your Salad

When asparagus is at its pencil thinnest and the garlic scapes first appear, they love to get together with a nut and top your spring greens with joy. (For the uninitiated, garlic scapes—sometimes also called green garlic or whistles—are the long, curly shoots bearing immature flower clusters that form on hardneck garlic plants in early […]

Spaghetti with Spring Vegetables

  Spaghetti with Spring Vegetables This beautiful, light dish is a celebration of spring flavors. Feel free to substitute any vegetables in season, including ramps, green garlic (in place of the cloves), and morels (instead of white button mushrooms). 5 medium tomatoes ¼ pound thin-stalked asparagus 1 medium zucchini ¼ pound small white mushrooms 1 […]

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