Crop: Basil

Raw Corn Summer Salad with Apples and Jicama

We don’t often think of eating corn raw but—especially in the height of summer when quality is high and quantity abounds—it can be a sublimely sweet, crisp, juicy treat. This salad abounds with crunchy textures, contrasting flavors, and wonderful color. Besides serving it as is, you can vary the presentation (and use more items from […]

Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic

  Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic Do not be alarmed at the quantity of garlic in this traditional French dish. Baking the garlic in the oven along with the bird softens and mellows it to a piquant, sumptuous sweetness, with none of the harsh pungency of the raw bulb. As you eat, squeeze the […]

Roasted High-Season Vegetable Sauce

  Roasted High-Season Vegetable Sauce When I make this roasted veggie sauce, I do a holy load. We sometimes pick up as many as eight bags of booty this time of year and need to use it or lose it. I freeze most of it, but I give a lot of it away as a […]

Taste of the Tropics Melon Soup

  Taste of the Tropics Melon Soup This divine soup is pure refreshment on a hot summer day, with its fragrant melon, creamy coconut, aromatic basil, and zingy mint, pepper, and ginger. 3 pounds very ripe, strongly scented melons (Galia, sweet honeydew, cantaloupe) (peeled and seeded) 15 ounces canned coconut milk Freshly squeezed juice and […]

Melon, Sweet Onion, Pepper, and Lime Grillside Chutney

  Melon, Sweet Onion, Pepper, and Lime Grillside Chutney This chutney explodes with the flavors of late summer. Let it sidle up to grilled meats and vegetables, as well as atop burgers and sandwiches. 1 cup sugar cube-sized pieces of peeled and seeded honeydew melon 1 cup peeled, coarsely chopped sweet onion 1 medium jalapeño […]

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