Crop: Basil

Pickled Mixed Vegetable Salad

This salad is a terrific way to use up all sorts of vegetables that tend to pile up in the lush days of late summer. You can substitute yellow or any young summer squash for the zucchini, or use cucumber, thinly sliced carrots or okra, broccoli, and even Asian eggplant rounds in place of some […]

Raw Kale Salad

Raw kale may not sound the most appetizing for a salad, but when finely chopped and tossed with red onion, carrots, green beans, and a zingy dressing made with balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, mustard, garlic, and curry, its prickly character changes for the better. This makes an unusual, less fattening alternative to the typical creamy coleslaw. […]

White Bean and Basil Salad

This may well become one of your go-to recipes for quick lunches, a versatile side dish, or even a refreshing snack for yourself or your family. It’s nutritious and delicious, and a great dish to make when your CSA box, farmers market, or garden is overflowing with fresh summer vegetables and herbs like bell peppers, […]

Deviled Eggs with Salmon and Basil

The salmon and basil gives a delicious, unexpected twist to these deviled eggs. Make plenty, for these never last long at parties or potlucks. Deviled Eggs with Salmon and Basil 1 dozen eggs 1 15½-ounce can pink or red salmon, (juice reserved) 3 tbsp mayonnaise 1/2 cup onion, (finely chopped) 1 large clove garlic (finely […]

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