Crop: Spinach

Yakhni (Afghani Chicken Soup)

My friend Asya Ghafarshad’s parents immigrated to the US from Afghanistan in the 1960s. Asya was born in the US and her mom tells her stories of growing up in Afghanistan wearing miniskirts and smoking cigarettes. Her parents own an iconic restaurant in Claremont, California, the town where I went to high school and college. […]

Spinach, Nuts, and Cheese with Green Garlic

Don’t let the plain-sounding title of this recipe give you the wrong idea. This is a great savory dish—after all, with bacon, cheese, walnuts, and green garlic, and spinach, how much more umami goodness could you want? You can also add hot chiles for added pizzazz. Spinach, Nuts, and Cheese with Green Garlic 2 slices thick-cut […]

Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie)

This delectable spinach and cheese pie is a traditional Greek dish, one that disappears quickly at parties and at just about every other occasion. You can find phyllo dough at most supermarkets in the frozen pie and pie dough section. Frozen spinach is actually preferred for this recipe over fresh spinach, which must be meticulously cleaned, […]

Shrimp with Oranges, Black Rice, and Coconut Milk

Weeknight cooking is all about simplicity and speed without sacrificing elegance and flavor. Seafood, as long as you purchase it from a trusted purveyor the day you plan to use it, never fails at being fast and delicious. “Forbidden” black rice is available at Whole Foods Market,, and many specialty food stores. Shrimp with […]

Garlic Spinach

This is a decidedly robust—but delicious—side dish, with lots of fresh garlic and succulent spinach. After consuming it, don’t have a job interview or plan to meet the Queen of England the next day. Feel free to adjust the amount of garlic to your personal preference! Garlic Spinach 1 tbsp olive oil 3 to 8 […]

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