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Lettuce Soup with a Lotta Green Garlic

Nothing screams spring like tiny leafy greens and green garlic. And yes, they can make a yummy soup. At first squint, one might not think this soup would be as tasty the next day, but it certainly is. In case you don’t know, green garlic (also called garlic scapes or whistles) refers the long, curly […]

Raw Corn Summer Salad with Apples and Jicama

We don’t often think of eating corn raw but—especially in the height of summer when quality is high and quantity abounds—it can be a sublimely sweet, crisp, juicy treat. This salad abounds with crunchy textures, contrasting flavors, and wonderful color. Besides serving it as is, you can vary the presentation (and use more items from […]

Spinach, Nuts, and Cheese with Green Garlic

Don’t let the plain-sounding title of this recipe give you the wrong idea. This is a great savory dish—after all, with bacon, cheese, walnuts, and green garlic, and spinach, how much more umami goodness could you want? You can also add hot chiles for added pizzazz. Spinach, Nuts, and Cheese with Green Garlic 2 slices thick-cut […]

Garlic Scape Soup

This lovely, creamy, savory soup enhances the delicate garlic-asparagus flavor of the scapes. You may use the garlic scape flowers as well. Garlic Scape Soup 3 cups garlic scapes (cut into 2-inch pieces) 1 medium onion, (chopped) 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves (or ½ teaspoon dried thyme) 3 cups chicken broth […]

Easy-As-Pie Rhubarb Pie

This is a truly easy, incredibly delicious pie that looks like it takes much more effort than it actually does. Once you start eating it, none of that matters, either. Easy-As-Pie Rhubarb Pie 1 unbaked 9-inch piecrust (plus extra for top crust or lattice, if desired) 4 cups diced rhubarb stalks ¼ cup flour 1¼ […]

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