Cuisine: Vegetarian

Carrot Slaw

This light, refreshing carrot slaw makes a great alternative to the typical cabbage coleslaw. Carrot Slaw 1 small bunch carrots, (shredded) 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice ¼ teaspoon kosher salt ¼ teaspoon Freshly ground white pepper Thoroughly combine all of the ingredients, and place the slaw in the refrigerator for at least ½ hour to […]

Chard with Raisins and Almonds

This recipe uses the colorful “rainbow chard” with its red, yellow, and orange stems. This is a wonderful dish for kids, who love its sweetness and bright colors. Chard with Raisins and Almonds ¼ cup slivered almonds 2 pounds rainbow chard ((or use red-stemmed chard)) ½ cup Water ½ cup apple juice ½ cup raisins […]

Pumpkin Pie with Spiced Walnut Streusel

The piecrust dough can be made 2 days ahead; keep it chilled until you are ready to use it, and let it soften slightly at room temperature before using. Pumpkin Pie with Spiced Walnut Streusel Butter Piecrust Dough 1¼ cups all-purpose flour ½ tablespoon sugar ½ teaspoon salt ½ cup (1 stick) chilled unsalted butter […]

Yukon Gold Potato Soup

Served cold, this would be vichyssoise; served hot, it is sometimes called soup bonne femme, or “good housewife” soup. Whatever it is called, it is inexpensive, satisfying, and very, very good. Thin-skinned Yukon Gold potatoes need not be peeled. In fact, the skins almost disappear when the soup is pureed, but their memory lends the […]

Paul’s Bartlett Pear and Black Pepper Pie

The black pepper gives the pears just enough of an edge to make guests wonder what delightful thing they’re eating. Paul’s notes for the pie dough: I use lard because I think it yields the flakiest pastry. You can substitute butter or any solidified vegetable shortening. Additionally, I do this by hand, but that’s just […]

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