5 a Day CSA

At Capitol Wellness, our goal is to help you live a flavor full life with a seasonal plant-based diet and our CSA, 5 A DAY Community Supported Agriculture, is how we do it.

5 A DAY CSA delivers organically grown fruit and vegetables to families of all sizes in the metropolitan DC area.

What we grow on the farm, helps you grow- healthier. And when we grow, you grow and enjoy fresh seasonal food from a local farm.

We believe in:

  • Farms as healing centers that offer big doses of the great outdoors, the healing powers of nature and information on simple ongoing, lifestyle changes to encourage a long, productive life.
  • Fresh food for all—introducing fresh, nourishing and nutrient dense food to all communities in the suburban DC area.
  • Fairness—fair wages and safe working conditions for all farm employees.
  • Regenerative Agriculture—strongly enriched soil creating strong nutrient-dense plants that ultimately sustain and nourish the human body. Compost, cover crops, soil amendments, crop rotation, and water management are key to soil health and wellness. Preserving soil ecosystems—bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms—are critical to soil health and benefit plant growth.
  • Conservation—of soil and water. From rain harvesting to drip irrigation, we recognize water as a precious resource and part of the foundation of farming. Preserving soil health, decreasing soil loss, and cultivating the soil ecosystem is our goal.
  • AgriCULTURE—people of all backgrounds coming together to enjoy food from around the world.
  • Waste reduction—paper packaging, recycling containers onsite, and encouraging use of reusable water containers to reduce plastic bottle use and waste.
  • Education—about agriculture, health, and nutrition from experienced, educated professionals that have dedicated time and effort to ensure that the information you receive is reliable and safe. Focusing on lasting lifestyle changes and not the latest fad diet or juicing “cleanses” sets us apart.

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    5 a Day CSA
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