Agritopia® community is something of a modern-day village set within the urban fabric of the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. The name says it all: Agritopia® is about preserving urban agriculture and integrating it into the most neighborly, well-designed community possible. It is a principle-driven development that puts people and relationships ahead of money and trendiness. We believe that a simple life with friends and family is a rich life. The design of the community is intended to break down the traditional barriers between people to encourage formation of real community among people of varied backgrounds.

The community comprises 450 residential lots along with commercial, agricultural, and open-space tracts. Agritopia is gridded with tree-lined streets and pathways to make the entire project accessible to pedestrians. The major connector street within the community is Agritopia Loop, which arcs its way from Ray Road north and east to Higley Road. The farm office is on Ray Road, one-quarter mile west of Higley Road in the Agro-commercial area.

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