Bayfield Food Producers Cooperative

The Bayfield region of Northern Wisconsin is home to many amazing farms, orchards, and food producers. The Bayfield Food Producers Cooperative makes it easy for you and your customers to enjoy the great food of the region.

The goals of the Co-op are to:

  • Develop regional identity for food items produced in Ashland and Bayfield Counties.
  • Improve the branding, marketing, and advertising of BRFPC member products.
  • Cross-promote products and brands of BRFPC members through collaborative marketing and advertising.
  • Facilitate and support strategic partnerships among BRFPC members to increase sales and distribution of food produced in Ashland and Bayfield County.

To meet these goals, the BRFPC creates and implements sales, marketing, and distribution programs to meet the needs of its members. The BRFPC operates the following programs: the Lake Superior CSA, South Shore Meats, and the Bayfield Shores Harvest Trail.

Members choose to participate in any or all of the programs on a fee-for-service basis. In addition, the BRFPC works to find financial and other resources to support individual members.

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    Bayfield Food Producers Cooperative
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