Bee Heaven Farm CSA

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Posted on: 10/03/2016

Bee Heaven Farm is a small, certified organic, diversified family farm located Redland, Florida, dedicated to providing fresh local and organic produce via its multi-farm CSA program and farmers markets to South Florida.

During the winter growing season, we grow an assortment of vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers. These are available for sale through our Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm membership program and farmers market. We also sell at our local farmers market. Come see us every Sunday 9 am to 2 pm at the Pinecrest Gardens Farmers Market.

In the summertime, we let the fields recharge for the winter, catch up on projects around the farm, and harvest our famous Donnie and Hardee avocados. These are available mail-order. We also offer limited webstore sales of seasonal local summer produce, mainly tropical fruit such as mangoes, lychee, carambola, jackfruit, and mamey sapote, along with eggs, honey, herbs, and tropical vegetables.

Organizations Details:

City: Miami
State: Florida
Country: US
Bee Heaven Farm CSA


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