Change Comes To Dinner

Many of us now know that problems plague America’s food system, but how often do we hear about the solutions?

Katherine Gustafson set out to uncover hopeful alternatives that can make our way of eating more sustainable, satisfying, and fair. Change Comes to Dinner takes us into farms, markets, organizations, and businesses across America that are pushing us toward a better food future.

In Virginia, a man sells the products of local farms to city-dwellers in an old school bus cum roving farmers market. In Connecticut, a hospital is bringing fresh, local food to its cafeteria, becoming one of the best places to eat in town.

In Arizona, a company is developing a high-yield, low-risk method of growing food in shipping containers. On an island off the coast of Washington, a mobile slaughterhouse gives small farmers access to needed facilities.

And everywhere in between, other inspiring enterprises are planting the seeds of a new agricultural reality, a vision based on old truths that might just save our country from itself. Change Comes to Dinner is a smart and engaging look into America’s food revolution.

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