Down to Earth Farm

Down to Earth Farm is located on 16 acres in Sultan, Washington, between the Cascade foothills and the Skykomish River. We are a small-scale operation currently growing a wide variety of vegetables, with berries beginning in 2016.

Our Philosophy
It’s not complicated, really—respect our customers, our food, our natural surroundings, and the liberty of our fellow citizens. No toxic pesticides. No herbicides. In other words, we grow things to the best of our ability, using sustainable practices that preserve or improve the quality of our surroundings (soil, water, air, and little critters) without relying on taxpayer grants and subsidies.

Our Views on Sustainability
In my opinion, true sustainability requires independence from government favors that benefit some enterprises at the expense of others (farm welfare, special-interest grants, subsidies, etc.). Not only is one required to pay attention to the efficiency of their practices when not dependent on taxpayer money, but it demonstrates a healthy and necessary respect for the liberty and pocketbook of our fellow citizens. When one farm receives subsidies from the taxpayer, it puts other farmers at a competitive disadvantage as the latter has less flexibility in how its farm goods are priced when relying on its own resources. As a matter of principle, we believe that the taxpayers are better able to determine how their own money is to be spent than those whom we elect to dole out the goodies. I admit that this is a controversial belief for many of my fellow farmers, particularly those who can afford professional grant writers, but … it’s the right thing to do, I sincerely believe. Not only for the farming community, but for health of a civil society.

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