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Edible Earth Farm is passionate about farming, food, nature, and sustainability. They are committed to growing a wide variety of high-quality produce using biodynamic and deep organic methods and strive to build a large family of customers who share their passions and enjoy fresh, local food. Edible Earth Farm boasts a full-choice CSA that offers year-round delivery.

Edible Earth Farm offers year-round deliveries to Pittsburgh, Erie, and areas in between. Edible Earth Farm’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program boasts the area’s first Full-Choice CSA, where members chose all of their weekly items. CSA members have benefits unique to Edible Earth Farm. Members get access to a year-round online farm store where they can purchase items including flour, grain, herbs, bulk produce, kitchenware, prepared foods, storage crops, honey, maple syrup, tea, coffee, meats, and more.

Edible Earth Farm raises vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, ginger, fruit, and pastured pigs, chickens, goats, and beef. Located 68 miles north of Pittsburgh and 50 miles south of Erie. They are certified organic and utilize many biodynamic farming methods. They also source and sell through the West Penn Farm Alliance.

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