Farmers Ending Hunger

Posted on: 03/09/2015

The mission of Farmers Ending Hunger is to eliminate hunger in Oregon by increasing the amount of high quality food available to hungry local communities through a partnership of farmers, food processors, Oregon Food Bank and the public.

In 2004, galvanized by the hunger crisis that continues to plague Oregon, Fred Ziari founded Farmers Ending Hunger. A 20-year veteran of agri-business, he was determined to find a way to use the region’s bountiful agricultural resources to fight hunger in local communities.

Today, Farmers Ending Hunger has dozens of committed partners in local family farmers, growers and ranchers who donate a portion of the food they grow. But additional resources are necessary to harvest and process the raw crops into food products that are easily stored and distributed to the hungry through emergency food networks in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Organizations Details:

City: Salem
State: Oregon
Country: United States
Farmers Ending Hunger


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