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Posted on: 03/27/2015

FarmsNext is a full-season farm internship program combining hands-on training and skill-based education in sustainable agriculture for aspiring farmers and ranchers.

It is an immersive experience that leaves students with a deeper understanding of sustainable agriculture, a foundation of entrepreneurial skills, and practical knowledge to plan for and start their own farming operation. Students live and work full-time on a host farm, receive ongoing training, and learn in-depth skills from their mentor farmer.

FarmsNext offers opportunity for hands-on training in the following:

  • Organic vegetable, herb, seed, and flower production at various scales.
  • Marketing techniques, including direct marketing through farmers markets, restaurant sales, and CSA programs.
  • Raising livestock, including cattle, goats, poultry, sheep, and hogs.
  • Farmstead dairying, including cheese making, with cows and goats.
  • Farm-based education and agri-tourism opportunities.

Organizations Details:

City: Ashland
State: Oregon
Country: United States


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