Hartwood Farm

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Posted on: 08/23/2018

Hartwood Farm raises delicious local vegetables and eggs—join us for the best produce packed for the 2017 Community-Supported Agriculture season!

Hartwood Farm has 70 acres, with 10 acres under active production and 5 acres of those in vegetables each year. The farm sits in a breezy upland spot in the hills of Fenner, with mild temperatures, great limestone soils (though in some places they are a bit heavy on the stone part!), and lots of exciting wind.

CSA members and the community are welcome to explore the farm—besides the vegetable fields we have crop fields rotating through “green manure” crops to build fertility for future production, 30 acres of chicken pasture and hayfields (the hay gets eaten by the bison down the hill at Empire Buffalo!), and 25 acres in a young sugar bush way out back that we dream of tapping one day soon (and that has a new trail running through it for 2018!).

Organizations Details:

City: Chittenango
State: New York
Country: US
Hartwood Farm


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