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Helsing Junction Farm’s primary goal is to provide our CSA members with the most nutritionally complete vegetables and fruit we can grow. To that end, we make caring for our soil a priority. We test our soil twice a year so that we can correct any imbalance and we apply trace minerals, cover crop extensively, and practice minimal tillage. Vegetables grown in healthy, nutrient-rich soil look and taste amazing!

We are a true CSA in that almost everything grown on the farm goes to our 1,200 CSA members. This makes being a part of our CSA a unique experience, as you will be directly connected to the source of your food. You’ll hear the stories of the people who grew it and explore the place it came from with weekly photos, farm news and a farm visit should you wish to harvest yourself some carrots or eat ripe Sungold cherry tomatoes straight from the vine.

Helsing Junction Farm strives to make eating vegetables easy for our CSA members. Each week we include 10 to 15 recipes, which are custom-tailored to the wide variety of items you receive over the course of the season. We draw from a large collection of cookbooks, current food publications, and blogs for recipes that are healthy, simple, and modern. We also team up with other local producers to provide our CSA members with access to fruit, honey, grain, mushrooms, pastured poultry, and sauerkraut, which are available via our webstore.

Join us on a journey through the seasons with a share of our harvest. We have over 20 years of experience growing verdant, flavorful, nutrient-rich produce for our CSA members and we believe that eating right should be a pleasure.

Helsing Junction Farm, eat well with us.

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