Kahumana Organic Farm

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Posted on: 03/06/2015

Kahumana Organic Farm on Oahu, Hawaii, has been using organic and biodynamic methods since the Kahumana community was started in 1977—four distinct campuses on over 50 acres in the Lualualei Valley. The farm is a place of vocational learning for families transitioning from homelessness, people with disabilities, and youth. It produces a prodigious amount of food, a CSA being just one part of the operation. The on-farm Kahumana Café serves lunch and dinner five days a week, using fruits, vegetables, herbs, eggs, tilapia, and more from the farm. It also provides vocational training in culinary arts and hospitality services for participants in the nonprofit’s social programs. A large commercial kitchen on another campus prepares 5,000 organic meals per week to deliver to 35 schools on the west side of Oahu.

Organizations Details:

City: Waianae (Oahu)
State: Hawaii
Country: United States
Kahumana Organic Farm


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