Kimberton CSA

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Posted on: 04/03/2015

Kimberton CSA is a 10-acre biodynamic and organic-mixed vegetable market garden. The CSA garden is farmed biodynamically. This means that, in addition to following the rules set forth for organic certification and avoiding the use of toxic chemicals for fertility and pest control, specific biodynamic methods and careful stewardship of the land are practiced to ensure the long-term health of the farm’s soil, plants, and animals.

The CSA garden is 10 acres of silt loam soil, leased from the Kimberton Waldorf School, and is located in the town of Kimberton in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Kimberton Waldorf School owns approximately 400 acres. This land has been in agriculture since at least William Penn’s time. We have found arrowheads from Native Americans on the land as well.

The land was first converted to biodynamic agricultural practices in the 1930s when Ehrenfried Pfeiffer came over from Germany to help implement the agricultural teachings of Rudolf Steiner. Prior to the start of the CSA garden, the 10-acre parcel was part of the biodynamic/organic dairy farm previously known as Kimberton Farms. Today it is leased to Birgit and Erik Landowne dba Kimberton CSA, while most of the remaining land is leased to Seven Stars Farm Inc., a biodynamic and organic dairy which produces the popular Seven Stars Organic Yogurt.

Organizations Details:

City: Kimberton
State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States
Kimberton CSA


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