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Excellent popcorn. Incredible polenta. Heritage grains and beautiful bean jewelry. From our farm, to you and yours.

Lonesome Whistle offers heirloom dry beans and grains to our local Willamette Valley customers at the Lane County Farmers Market and a 50-family CSA. We also have open-pollinated vegetable seed, flower seed, heirloom dry beans and seeds, and grain seed for your garden or farm. We specialize in heirloom and rare varieties. We do this in order to preserve and promote genetic diversity, introduce fellow gardeners and farmers to rare and unique varieties, and share our passion for growing food and saving seeds. All of our seeds are grown using organic methods and lovingly done by us.

Jeff Broadie and Kasey White of Lonesome Whistle Farm are located in Junction City, Oregon, and have been market farming since 2003. We participate in three weekly farmers markets where we have been developing many relationships and connections with our local community. We began growing food with a commitment to organic farming practices, the desire to work hard and to eat the healthiest, freshest food around. We see ourselves as part of the food security, relocalization, anticorporate globalization, and DIY resistance movements. We envision clusters of localized, land based, self-reliant, self-sufficient, empowered, healthy communities managing our own affairs without outside corporate dominance and coercion.

For us, the most direct route to realizing this vision is to grow our own food and seeds, save our seeds, and share the surplus with the greater community. We believe in doing things ourselves, and even better doing things together. We strive to deepen our connections with the land, and the people we meet. Direct, here, now…

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