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Situated at 3,000 feet in the El Dorado County Appellation, Madroña consists of three family-owned vineyards—our Madroña vineyard, located in Apple Hill, and our Enyé and Sumu-Kaw vineyards, located in nearby Pleasant Valley. These three unique vineyard sites are planted with over 26 varietals, carefully selected for their unique winemaking characteristics and blending qualities.

A pioneer in high-elevation winemaking, we make exceptional wines that powerfully express the exquisite nature of our diverse hillside vineyards. Each of our wines is unique, telling its own story of grape variety, terroir, and vintage. The result is a family of wines that is precise, balanced, well-structured, and perfect for a variety of occasions.

The Madroña winery and tasting room offers a casual, intimate setting for the enjoyment of our wines. Nestled in the shade of a stand of cedar and pine, with views of the Coastal Range to the west and the Sierra Nevada’s Crystal Range to the east, it’s no wonder people love to visit Madroña! Tastings are offered daily from 11 to 5, and we offer a complimentary tasting of a sampling of our wines. Since we make some 20+ varieties, we are constantly changing up our tasting lineup.

Tours of the winery and vineyard can be scheduled by appointment. To schedule a tour, please call the winery at 530-644-5948.

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