Mountain View Farm

Mountain View Farm is a community-supported agriculture (CSA) project serving Western Massachusetts and the Pioneer Valley. Members visit the farm in Easthampton, Massachusetts, at the base of beautiful Mt. Tom throughout the growing season to pick up their share of seasonally available produce as well as a wide variety of u-pick crops.

All of our produce is grown without the use of chemicals and in compliance with organic standards and practices. No chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers are used.

Ben Perrault and Liz Adler have been farming in Easthampton since 2005. We have two kids (hopefully future farm workers), Ollie—who is seven years old—and Nathaniel, who is four.

Our mission is to have a viable, family-friendly farm that provides our community with nutritious, fresh, safe produce. We use sustainable farming practices that prioritize soil health and vitality.

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    Mountain View Farm
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