Moutoux Orchard

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Posted on: 04/03/2015

Now run by Rob and Maureen Moutoux, we are a third-generation family farm business. We have shifted our focus from a production orchard to a diversified, whole-diet farm. Established in the early 1950s in Vienna, Virginia, we have gratitude to John and Katherine Moutoux for starting the business, and to Charles and Sue Moutoux for running the business for many years and remaining active today.

We want to be your full-time, year-round, whole-diet farmer. We look to produce a full diet of mineralized, healthy food for you and your family—including beef, pork, chicken, dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain flours. We want to give you free-choice access to as much food as you would need—all of the above, as well as processing some of the dairy to yogurt and soft cheeses, and having enough vegetables and fruits for you to preserve summer surpluses (canning, fermenting, freezing, etc.).

Simply put, you can think of it like homesteading with us, like being part of the family and having the same access to all of the abundance of foods that we enjoy out here on the farm. You come to the farm weekly, all year round, to pick up your bounty—and the offerings change throughout the year following the cycles of seasonal eating.

We do not intend to entirely replace the grocery store, but this program offers the ability for you to eat most of your foods from the farm, with the exception of out-of-season produce, whole grains and beans, hard cheeses, fish, oils, processed foods, etc.

Organizations Details:

City: Purcellville
State: Virginia
Country: United States
Moutoux Orchard


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