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Nash Huber has farmed on the North Olympic Peninsula in Washington State since 1979. Because of the unique climate and excellent soils in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley, his farm, Nash’s Organic Produce, grows all kinds of vegetables year round, including its famous exceptionally sweet and full-flavored carrots. It sells at regional farmers markets, at its own Farm Store, via a 200-member CSA, and wholesale into the Seattle area.

Huber is fortunate to have a strong crew of young managers who are committed to the future of the farm and organic agriculture. Currently, they are farming about 600 acres on a dozen different fields, but the business actually owns only 20 acres. In addition to high-quality organic produce, the farm also grows grain, including several varieties of wheat, triticale, and rye. It also produces non-GMO corn, several kinds of dried legumes, and barley for animal feed. The livestock includes about 100 hogs and 200 laying hens. These animals are humanely raised on pasture. The farm is certified organic and Salmon-Safe.

The farm has also embarked on about 20 different seed projects in an effort to sustainably produce and provide open-pollinated vegetable, grain and legume seed for the nation’s organic farming community.

Huber has worked continuously to protect farmland in the Valley. For this work the farm has won accolades throughout the years, including Provender Alliance’s Organic Carrot Award, the Vim Wright “Farming in the Environment” Award, American Farmland Trust’s “Steward of the Land” Award, and the Ecological Farming Conference’s “Sustie.”

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