New Mexico Harvest

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Posted on: 05/24/2020

New Mexico Harvest, formally Beneficial Farms, CSA, is a community of people from across our state that actively invest in our food system and reap the benefits of the harvest. Our farmers are your neighbors, friends, and that guy that loves your dog at the farmers market. We are rooted in over 25 years of our community’s support for agriculture, bringing a modern touch to a very traditional way of life.

New Mexico Harvest is the continued evolution of a fundamental element of society, a safe and sustainable local food system. As a CSA, they have connected the farmers to the community since 1994. They are excited to continue growing with New Mexico.

New Mexico Harvest is a dedication of people to their community, of their families to their land and their lives to their food. Their Farmers are dedicated to growing the purest, most nourishing crops this land can provide. The NM Harvest team is dedicated to connecting their food to you and helping you enjoy it.

Organizations Details:

City: Albuquerque
State: New Mexico
Country: US
New Mexico Harvest


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