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Posted on: 01/25/2015

My name is Tram Le, a Registered Dietitian and foodie who is originally from California, but my friends say I am intracontinental! I’ve also lived in Hawaii, Houston, and now Maryland. My passion for food and cooking started when I lived on my own in college. I would cook for my friends, and after I graduated, I realized that food and nutrition was the place I needed to be, so I became a Registered Dietitian. Even though it might not be to others, my favorite classes were the food preparation and cooking classes!

I believe in eating more real food, and less processed foods. It’s really rare when I buy cookies or chips or crackers, because if I’m craving something sweet, I usually opt for the “real thing” and bake it myself. I feed my family, and I feed them well. I’m not on some diet and restrict foods, but I would say what we eat is heavily plant-based, and moderate in fats, grains, and proteins. We eat out twice a week. We get ice cream once a week. We walk everywhere, and I love it.

My philosophy on food and keeping a balance of mind, body, and spirit is simple: nurture your body, nurture your soul.

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Nutrition to Kitchen


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