Radix Farm

Located in Malaga, Washington, approximately 5 miles from Wenatchee. Radix Farm grows over 50 different varieties of annual vegetables on an acre of wonderfully rich sandy loam.

Radix Farm is working to transform these 5 acres of open space into a dynamic, healthy, edible landscape. With the integration of row crops, perennial patches, insectaries, an herb and tea garden, pasture, and a mixed orchard, they hope to create a piece of paradise full of abundance to share with the community.

In their CSA, they provide fresh, nutritious, local vegetables packed for you and your family every week for up to 29 weeks. Radix believes that supporting CSA encourages simple, delicious family meals around the table, new recipes with new ingredients, and shared experiences—simply put, it brings “eating back to its roots.”

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    Radix Farm
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