Repreve is a recycled fiber that contains recycled materials—including used plastic bottles.

But not all recycled fibers are created equal. There are other recycled fibers out there, but there’s only one Repreve.

It took years to develop the process that makes Repreve a leading recycled yarn. We tightly manage every step, and pass strict annual recycled certifications by outside third parties. With our strict quality standards, Repreve recycled fibers are “first quality,” so they look good and feel soft and comfortable when made into fabrics. That’s why, when you see products made with Repreve, it’s important to remember: It’s what’s in it that matters.

Repreve conserves resources because it offsets the need to use newly refined crude oil. Oil refining is a complex industrial process that turns crude oil into a multitude of petroleum-based products. Some of these products are then made into ingredients that go into synthetic fibers. Compared to making virgin synthetic fibers, Repreve uses less energy and water, and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Repreve is made by a US-based company, Unifi, Inc., a global leader in innovative textile solutions. Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing goes beyond making Repreve.

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