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Posted on: 01/25/2015

Serious Eats is a family of websites dedicated to the celebration of food—of all kinds. From fast food to fine dining, from restaurant kitchens to yours, and from coast to coast (and around the world). On each of our sites and through our online community, we aim to be passionate, discerning, and inclusive in our appreciation of everything edible.

At Serious Eats, we strive to appreciate food on its own level, whether that’s a new product from Coca-Cola or our latest meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant. We aim to write about the food people eat: which means sometimes recipes are time-consuming and sometimes they’re simple; sometimes we review restaurants, sometimes we review sandwiches and hot dogs. Sometimes we write about French wine, sometimes we write about Bud Light.

The content you read on Serious Eats, upwards of twenty posts each day, comes through our team of nine staff editors and nearly 100 contributors around the country and around the globe. Our backgrounds are diverse, from restaurant kitchens to culinary school to other corners of food journalism.

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