Skokomish Farms

We’re simply land people with a dream, and past landowners of thousands of acres.

We have more than 40 years of experience in land development and residential construction in Idaho, Montana, and Washington. We’ve built condominiums in Sun Valley, homes in Spokane and Boise, and developed rural land in all three states. Always we have sought a better way to preserve the Earth. Skokomish Farms as a sustainable farm is the realization of our dream!

Collectively and individually, we’ve helped farmers, foresters, landowners, and banks solve financial problems. We’ve started committees to help farmers, development, and government work together. We’ve served on State Committees like the Women’s Commission. We’ve sponsored human rights seminars and helped high school students with financial aid. We’ve chaired a political action committee for the National Association of Home Builders and served on an advisory committee to a Health District.

You’ve accomplished similar goals in your life. At Skokomish Farms we want to capitalize on your experience. Now it’s time for all of us to team together, and pool your talents with ours to build the future!

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