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Our farm is located in southwest Wisconsin in the Driftless Coulee region. We are stewards of 21 beautiful ridgetop acres of land. Our mission as stewards of this small piece of land is to preserve biodiversity, restore soil health, and strive towards implementing a sustainable farm ecosystem. As the number of small family farms in the nation is rapidly disappearing, we aim to nourish an endangered species, young farmers.

We are passionate about working outside with plants and animals. We grow over 100 varieties of vegetables on our certified organic farm. We raise pastured, rotationally grazed chickens and pigs for meat. We believe that by having rotationally grazed animals on our farm mimics a sustainable ecosystem. The animals provide fertility for the soil, food for the community, and help keep the insect populations under control. Each year we plant about 10 more fruit-bearing trees while maintaining small raspberry and strawberry plots as well.

We primarily market our vegetables through our CSA program where our members receive a weekly box of veggies from our farm. From the first week of June until the second week of October, we provide “shareholders” with as much food as we can stuff into a 3/4 bushel box. We have fresh pasture-raised chicken for sale in the fall and our pastured pork is for sale by the half animal by paying a deposit in the spring on your sign-up form.

Jillian and Adam Varney bought the farm in the spring of 2007 to get back to the simple life and quickly discovered it isn’t all that simple. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done to make this small, intensely farmed place go ‘round. We are thankful to live in such a beautiful part of the world and are willing to work very hard, often tirelessly so, to keep our little piece of heaven. Our aim is to shorten the gap to consumer awareness of where their food comes from and where it is purchased. We await the day when the majority of the public can, in good conscience, consume a meal and say they know the farmers who raised it. Farmers and communities alike will be closer to achieving economic stability and independence.

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    Small Family Farm
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