Spoutwood Farm

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Posted on: 08/22/2018

Just 45 minutes north of Baltimore, nestled in the rolling hills of southern York County, Pennsylvania, lies Spoutwood Farm’s 26 acres of countryside, streams, and forest. There is abundant life here amidst the variety of fertile bottomland, steep wooded hillsides, wetlands, meadows, orchards, and pastures.

As a 501(C)(3) nonprofit educational farm, we hope to be a resource to all interested in natural farming methods. Spoutwood highlights how the land surrounding the food garden is cared for to promote biodiversity and optimal natural cycles. In this rich and diverse setting, it is easy to connect to the nature all around. We invite people to truly enjoy the sense of wonder and love of nature, to respect and befriend all living beings, domestic and wild, and to live harmoniously with the environment that supports us all.

Our CSA (community-supported agriculture) garden that started twenty years ago, grows enough food organically on just three acres to support 100 families. We can’t imagine a better way to influence the lives of those we care about more than feeding them in a healthy manner, combining the wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

Our ornamental gardens are home to historic, native, and environmentally valuable plants, insects, wildlife, and birds. Our forest and stream banks are ripe for adventure. Our observatory and library are full of wonder.

Organizations Details:

City: Glen Rock
State: Pennsylvania
Country: US
Spoutwood Farm


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