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We are Steel Wheel Farm, a small, first-generation family farm with a clear vision in mind: to operate a diversified farm focused on improving the nutrient quality and the way in which our food is grown, harvested, distributed, and consumed. As stewards of the Snoqualmie River Valley, we believe that high-quality food begins with the farmer. We grow only seasonal, farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, and proteins that are naturally raised and delivered directly to restaurants, farmers markets, and our CSA customers.

Nestled in the valley along the Snoqualmie River, our farm is surrounded by breathtaking views of Mount Si. The fertile soil throughout the river valley allows us to grow a wide verity of nutrient-rich crops. We provide local, quality produce to restaurants, our CSA members, and farmers markets. We currently farm 5 acres of mixed vegetables and fruits. We also raise chickens and turkeys on our pasture. We are Certified Naturally Grown; this means NO synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or any other harmful elements are used to grow our products.

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    Steel Wheel Farm
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