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Sundog Farm is a diversified vegetable farm located on the rolling hills between Solon and Mt. Vernon, Iowa, and is the principal vegetable grower for Local Harvest CSA.

Sundog Farm was formerly ZJ farm, which was owned and operated by Susan Jutz and her family for over twenty years. In 1996 Susan started Local Harvest CSA in collaboration with other small farmers and was always the principal vegetable grower. She has been committed to supporting and mentoring young farmers for many years, and in 2015 began transitioning the farm to Carmen Black. 2016 marked Carmen’s first year (mostly) farming on her own, although Susan remains involved as a mentor.

Carmen grew up about a mile away, and after four seasons of working with Susan decided to take the big step of becoming a full-time farmer. She had a childhood passion for agriculture while participating in 4-H, but rediscovered an interest in farming while living on the student farm at Earlham College. After living in the mountains of eastern Kentucky and organizing with college students as part of the Real Food Challenge for a few years, she is excited to be back in Solon and farming!

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    Sundog Farm/Local Harvest CSA
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