The Chronicles of Ms. I-Hua and the Boy

Posted on: 01/25/2015

I’m an avid food, travel, and entertainment blogger based in Melbourne (Australia). I started this blog out a few years ago as a way to get away from reality and work. What started out as a personal blog for venting purposes has somehow evolved into a food, travel and entertainment blog. Mostly though, this blog is about food.

Why food? The answer is simply because I’m Malaysian (and that should answer a lot of questions). Food is and has always been a central point of our culture. We literally live to eat.

This is a repository for me to record my feelings and my experiences with my readers.

This is also collaborative blog between the Boy (my love and my new husband) and I to share with others the food we eat and cook as well as the adventures we have together.

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The Chronicles of Ms. I-Hua and the Boy


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