Victory Gardens of Tomorrow

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Posted on: 05/31/2020

Join us in imagining the Victory Garden of Tomorrow! This design project is proud to represent healthy propaganda—posters and goods that express our desire for better food, better gardens, and better cities. Entirely created by Joe Wirtheim, it is original, collectible new work that’s committed to civic innovation and social progress in the 21st Century.

Wirtheim’s art and design work for the VGoT has been recognized by Martha Stewart Living Magazine, by Organic Gardening Magazine, by the Portland Art Museum, the Design Museum Boston, and even appearing in The New York Times. Our goods can be found in fine shops and homes across the United States.

This quality crafted, original series of prints and merchandise, by designer Joe Wirtheim, is mostly made in Portland, Oregon.

Organizations Details:

City: Portland, OR
Country: US
Victory Gardens of Tomorrow


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