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Winter Green Farm is a pioneer in holistic farming, certified organic at the first opportunity—30 years ago, in 1984. Our organic and biodynamic practices allow us to grow healthy food while nurturing the vitality of the land. The six Winter Green farmer-owners have a combined agricultural experience of over 150 years farming. We view our 171-acre farm as a living organism. Taking care of our soils, riparian areas, wetlands, and wildlife while growing a wide diversity of crops help us to raise nutritious food for people, while also preserving the land for future generations.

We sell produce at weekly farmers markets in Portland, Eugene, and Veneta, Oregon, and through our long-established CSA that offers 40 different vegetables and berries with numerous drop-off locations in Eugene-Springfield area on the Oregon Coast and in the Portland area. Our grassfed beef is healthful and raised humanely, and our beef herd is certified organic.

Growing great food and making it available to people regardless of income is one of our core values. We offer various forms of financial assistance, offer several payment options, and are approved to accept SNAP benefits for payment. We are also strong advocates of justice for our farm employees, providing mentoring and steady advancement in wages.

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