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Creme de la Crop

Beautifully Designed, Inspired By Nature

In 2002 Creme de la Crop started growing organic produce for the community on their seventy-acre, family farm. That passion continues through our Community Supported Agriculture Program. Now the operation provides a wide range of locally produced and small-batch goods, in an on-site farm store. Handcrafted Candles, Skincare, and Soaps are made in-house with the finest ingredients available. We simply share with you what we love.

Charlestown Farm

We are an on-farm CSA just south of Phoenixville, PA. We started in 2002 with a mission to provide our community with naturally grown, pesticide free food and to create a farm that members could call their own.

We harvest most of the share but also have beautiful U-pick gardens where members can pick flowers, herbs, small fruits, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, beans and peas.

It is our hope that our farm creates an appreciation for the value of productive farmland in suburban Philadelphia.

The Willowsford Conservancy

As you look through the pages of this website, you might notice that you’re also looking through a community scrapbook. All the snapshots you see are people, events and moments that really happened in the life of our community.
You might also notice that, beyond the events and amenities, we’ve done things a little differently with the land. In fact, we left half of it alone. Of Willowsford’s 4,000 acres, 2,000 have been set aside for environmental preservation, recreation and agricultural use, managed by The Willowsford Conservancy.
Within those 2,000 acres is an elaborate network of trails through dense woodlands and pastures, a 300-acre working farm, and land designated to remain as open space in perpetuity.
On the other 2,000 acres, homes that were designed exclusively for Willowsford are shaping the character of each intimate neighborhood, while amenities and gathering spaces bring everyone together.
One of the more intangible but nonetheless distinctive characteristics about Willowsford is the true culture it has developed, unique to its own place. That is, in large part, owed to the sustaining influence of Willowsford Farm. There is something significant about knowing the first names of the people who grow your food. Or being able to watch your child’s face light up as he bites a sun-ripened raspberry he picked for himself. Or being able to ask someone just what, exactly, you are supposed to do with kohlrabi.
As part of the 2,000-acre Willowsford Conservancy, Willowsford Farm manages over 300 acres of agricultural land, growing more than 150 varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers, and raising several breeds of livestock.

South Village

South Village is much more than a place to live. Each house is attractive, unique and privately owned, yet South Village is also a community with abundant opportunities to cultivate friendships, connect with nature and have fun.

The homes at South Village are clustered together into pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods where people get to know each other. Neighbors wave from their front porch and stop to chat on an evening stroll. Kids meet up to ride their bikes. Friends come together to share a meal, tend a community garden or check on the chickens.

South Village residents also share a unique opportunity to explore the natural world. With 150 acres of common land, forever protected from development, the landscape’s natural beauty is part of daily life, as are hawks, foxes, wildflowers and sunsets. A 4-acre organic farm produces fresh food that travels less than a mile from field to plate. Sharing an appreciation for this open land and working landscape brings the residents of South Village together in new and unexpected ways.

South Village offers a quality of life that’s rarely found in today’s world. Like rural Vermont, it has open land and a working landscape. Like the suburbs, it offers convenience and autonomy. And like a village, it has beautiful homes and friendly neighbors.

Skokomish Farms

We’re simply land people with a dream, and past land owners of thousands of acres.

We have more than 40 years of experience in land development and residential construction in Idaho, Montana, and Washington. We’ve built condominiums in Sun Valley, homes in Spokane and Boise, and developed rural land in all three states.

Always we have sought a better way to preserve the Earth. Skokomish Farms as a sustainable farm is the realization of our dream!

The Work »
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Collectively and individually, we’ve helped farmers, foresters, land owners, and banks solve financial problems.

We’ve started committees to help farmers, development, and government work together. We’ve served on State Committees like the Women’s Commission.

We’ve sponsored Human Rights seminars and helped high school students with financial aid. We’ve chaired a Political Action Committee for the National Association of Home Builders and served on an advisory committee to a Health District

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