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Je Mange la Ville

Portland, Oregon food blog with over seven years worth of recipes, restaurant features and food photos.

Groove Food Blog

Groove Food Blog provides fresh reflections and recipes daily.

Veggie Desserts: From the Garden to the Cake Stand

I’ll happily admit that I have an obsession with putting veggies into desserts. Spinach cake, parsnip spice loaf, chocolate beetroot cupcakes … I could go on and on. In fact, I haven’t baked a dessert without any vegetables in it for a few years. And I don’t hide them, the veggies stand loud and proud in desserts around this house.

I’m a mum to two toddlers (who never go in the same direction), and I try to give them healthy, fresh food. My love of veggie desserts started with the cake for my son’s first birthday. It was to be his first taste of chocolate, and although I wasn’t going to begrudge him that, I wanted it to be a bit better for him. After a few trials, his cake was ready: one layer of chocolate beetroot and one layer of chocolate butternut squash. It wasn’t exactly healthy, but it was a big step up from a shop bought cake. They went down well with everyone and my love of veggie desserts began.


My name is Molly Wizenberg, and I write this blog.

I live in Seattle, but I grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I like peanut butter, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, meatballs, cabbage, sausage, raspberries, soup dumplings, chocolate, ice cream, and nectarines, though preferably not all at once.

I started Orangette in July of 2004. I had just decided to quit a Ph.D. program in cultural anthropology, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. The only thing I knew was that, whatever I did, it had to involve food and writing. I thought it might be kind of great to write for a food magazine someday, but I had no idea how. In the meantime, I decided I would just get a job doing whatever, and then write after hours. I told a journalist friend about my decision, and being very wise, he suggested that I start a blog. It would help hold me accountable, he said: having a blog would force me to sit down and write regularly, even when it felt difficult. So I started Orangette.

Ten(!!!) years later, here I am, with this blog, a book, a second book, and a husband whom I met through this site. In August of 2009, he and I opened a restaurant called Delancey, and in August of 2012, we opened Essex, a bar and restaurant next door to Delancey. And less than a month later, on September 9, 2012, our daughter June was born. And—wait! almost forgot—I also co-host the food-and-comedy podcast Spilled Milk with my friend Matthew Amster-Burton.

It’s been insane, mostly in a good way. Mostly. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Girli Chef

Michiana-based food, drink, and travel writer with a fondness for garlic, freshly baked bread, stinky cheese, single malt Scotch, and Mexican food.

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