Tom Douglas, Seattle Chef and Restaurateur

“As a restaurateur who also happens to own a farm and happens to be married to the Farmer-in-Chief, Jackie, it’s my belief that there’s really nothing more important than knowing where your food comes from. Whether you support farmers by shopping your local farmers markets or by signing up for a CSA box (Community Supported Agriculture), you’ll need to know how to cook that glorious bounty. My friend Mi Ae comes to the rescue with this terrific book filled with healthy and delicious recipes for all the roots, leafs, stalks, herbs, fruits, and tubers that come packed in that wondrous weekly box.”

Joely Zerby, Farmer, Ever Green Farm CSA, Rock Stream, NY

“It is an amazing resource. Also, our members won’t ask me a zillion questions when my brain is hot and fried. I deal with most of the members directly and also grow everything with my husband. They tend to turn to me for suggestions. Your book is fantastic. I always have trouble finding the information I need to tell them and I have always wanted to get together a member guide with information. You have already done that. I don’t have the time with everything else. I am so glad you have this resource for members to purchase for themselves and it is directed toward the CSA member and also has informative information about local food movement in general and how to get the most out of their experience eating healthy and supporting local farmers for a better world. Thank You!!!”