Stefan Uch, Michelin-star chef and cofounder of The Real Food Project

“Having been a chef for so many years, I can only congratulate you on the immense knowledge contained in between the covers. I love your recipes and am glad to learn some back ground information on the foods I use. Those stories make me understand cooking even more. A big thank you and keep up the fight for home cooking and using the food that surrounds us.”

Vicki Reese, M.D., founder of 5 a Day CSA

“A culinary anthology that celebrates local food, local flavors, plant-based diets, and by extension, health, and wellness. A great resource for all—those new to community-sponsored agriculture (CSA) and long-time members who support the economic development of small farms and farmers.”

— Vicki Reese, M.D., founder of 5 a Day CSA (a farm-based wellness and food distribution program serving the Baltimore and Washington DC area) and co-host of the Hope & Wellness Show, Beltsville, Maryland

Steven McFadden, co-author of Farms of Tomorrow

“The axiom holds true: If you are going to engage in an act of wisdom and become a member in a community supported farm (CSA) so your household may participate in the ecological, economic, culinary, community and health benefits which are available, you are going to have to cook. And if you’re going to cook, you would be wise to have a copy of Bounty from the Box at hand.

This CSA farm cookbook is a comprehensive, artistic and gastronomic treasure. Spanning 692 handsomely laid out pages, Bounty from the Box bids to become a standard for members of the steadily evolving CSA farm movement—the community farm equivalent of the classic Joy of Cooking. In 30 years, CSA has spawned over 7,500 farms in the US and many more in Canada and globally, each farm in relationship with and being supported by anywhere from 25 to 1,000 local households. As the many benefits become increasingly plain and increasingly important, CSA continues to develop.

In this engaging cookbook, author Mi Ae Lipe writes with deep understanding about the CSA model. In the course of sharing a cornucopia of relevant recipes for CSA members, she also shares her insights into the critical realms of healthy food, healthy land, healthy people, and healthy communities. As the general public is now more widely realizing, all these fundamentals are of vital importance as we pass through an era of climatic and political turbulence. Bounty from the Box offers proven practical and philosophical guidance on farm and food matters, along with promising, creative recipes specific to the crops CSA members generally receive in their weekly shares. It does so with grace and good taste.”

— Steven McFadden, co-author of Farms of Tomorrow: Community Supported Farms, Farm Supported Communities, and author of The Call of the Land: An Agrarian Primer for the 21st Century, and Awakening Community Intelligence: CSA Farms as 21st Century Cornerstones

Amazon Review: It Isn’t Your Usual Cookbook…

It isn’t your usual cookbook that’s more about pretty photography than information.

Received this as a gift and was truly impressed. Over 700 pages long, it isn’t your usual cookbook that’s more about pretty photography than information. It is BURSTING with info on all the crazy produce (kohlrabi, leeks, radishes, etc. etc. etc.) that you often receive in a CSA box but end up wasting because you have no idea what to do with it. From how to store to how to prepare in every possible way, to food pairings and nutritional info, it truly is more of a reference book than a cookbook. My favorite parts of the book, though, are the sidebar articles, which tell stories of farmers and urban gardening initiatives, and help break down the interesting (and often confusing) world of community supported agriculture. I like to read these snippets while waiting for water to boil or veggies to roast. Better than flipping channels! 😛 If you or someone you know wants to understand where their food comes from and feel more connected to the earth and its bounty, I highly recommend this book. It’ll be used in their kitchen for years to come.

— Amazon Review, December 11, 2015

Amazon Review: More Than Just a Cookbook!

This is an amazing book and obviously a well-researched work of love. It’s far more than just a recipe book—although it has plenty of those. Each page is filled with valuable information—recipes, storage, nutrition, history, selection and more. Not only will you learn how to prepare a dish, you will learn its history, how to choose the best quality fresh ingredients, and even how to store and preserve them. Recipes are broken out by seasonal farm fresh availability, but there is a great directory in the back where dishes are broken out by type. I absolutely love this book and plan to put it to good use.

– Amazon Review, October 16, 2105