As we’ve been saying for the last few months, Bounty from the Box  is your soon-to-be-published guide to enjoying over the bounty commonly grown by community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms across the United States. However, as they say on late night TV, “But wait! There’s more!” And in our case, there’s a whole lot more. Our website is something new all together.

From the earliest of our planning sessions, we wanted this website to be more than a static site about a cookbook. We knew it had to be. So that’s what we’re creating –the most dynamic community dedicated to quality food and sustainable agriculture the web’s ever seen. We’re building a framework now and we’re rolling out features as they come online. Ultimately, it’s our goal to be your place to go for information and community. So whether you’re a CSA subscriber, a farmers market shopper, a gardener, a home cook, or somebody who aspires to be any of those things this website’s for you.

Once you register as a user (and we don’t use that registration information for anything other than bot control), our online world is yours. Look through our community listings and add a favorite restaurant, farm or food blog. Find a great salad recipe in our recipe library and while you’re in there, leave us a great recipe of yours. Keep your eyes on this blog too. Over the course of the next few months you’ll see movie reviews, book reviews, interviews with farmers and guest posts written by farm to fork restaurateurs.

Very soon, we’ll be rolling out our community forum. That forum will be the place to go if you have questions about anything related to food. If you’re a first time home canner and you need some advice about how to make the perfect apricot jam, start a new thread and ask the community. If you’re not sure what to do with mizuna, ask. If you have questions about how to make kim chi, ask. If you want to communicate with other like-minded people from around the world, join in!

Let us know what you think. All of these plans and ideas we have need you to make them real. So come on in, make yourself comfortable and watch as it all unfolds. We’re glad you’re here!


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